BOLLES+WILSON’s Inventive Design Promotes Synergy Between the Ordinary and the Extraordinary


Based in Münster, Germany since 1989, BOLLES+WILSON is known for understanding architecture “as a symbiosis between the ordinary and extraordinary.” It’s this approach that has enabled the firm’s global recognition and involvement in award-winning projects in Japan, Australia, and Europe.

“As architects, we have the possibility to physically change the world with the objects we bring into existence,” said Peter Wilson, who co-founded the firm with Prof. Julia Bolles-Wilson. “Therefore, we feel an obligation to step outside conventions and expectations to deliver an element of surprise, an engaging architecture.”

Partners Peter Wilson and Prof. Julia Bolles-Wilson achieve results that enhance the cultural and urban context in which their works reside. Photo ©Thomas Rabsch.

Recently, the firm attracted attention in Dutch Haarlem, where it combined a city hall with a multiplex movie theater called the Raakspoort Project, and in Münster, where it capped RS+Yellow’s furniture distribution center with a shallow rooftop lake. In our new case study, linked below, read how BOLLES+WILSON designed these projects with Vectorworks Architect software and how the firm is communicating its design visions to clients by exploiting interfaces among Vectorworks, its embedded rendering application Renderworks, and CINEMA 4D software, a 3D modeling, animation, and rendering application developed by MAXON Computer GmbH. These interfaces are a critical asset to the firm’s architects, especially when conceiving atypical ideas, such as the design for RS+Yellow’s rooftop lake.

“People can’t help but stand open-mouthed when they see the lake for the first time,” said Bolles-Wilson. “It’s risky to think outside the conventional box, but it’s worth it. One feels like this can’t be Münster; it must be somewhere outside the known world. It’s very uplifting.”

Learn more about this dynamic firm and some of its projects by reading the full case study here.

Visitors to the upper floors of the RS+Yellow building experience an element of surprise upon on discovering a beautiful lake on the rooftop. Photo © Markus Hauschild,

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