Bringing Open BIM to Shanghai


Last week, one of our architect product specialists and BIM experts, Jeff Ouellette, gave a presentation to ShanghaiBIM, a buildingSMART Interest Group in China.

A diverse group of Chinese, British, and American architectural professionals attended the event. The presentation, Open BIM: Better Collaboration, Better Designs with BIM Interoperability, introduced the audience to Open BIM and the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data model.


Moses Scott from ShanghaiBIM said China is actively seeking to re-establish a buildingSMART chapter, and the current interest group is spreading information about Building Information Modeling, interoperability, and open standards in Shanghai.

“In order to reach the BIM nirvana of exchanging data throughout a project’s life cycle, we need open standards to allow for the relevant and continuous use of the Building Information Model by various stakeholders of any given project,” said Scott. “Jeff Ouellette defined IFC and interoperability for our members during his presentation.”

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