A&A Co. holds SimTread seminar in Tokyo


On July 20, A&A Co. Ltd., our distributor in Japan, held the first-ever SimTread seminar in Tokyo. SimTread is a pedestrian simulation tool that can be used with Vectorworks software to analyze pedestrian traffic flow, even for complex designs.

About 80 people attended the event, and users of different types of CAD and BIM solutions were in the audience. “We found that SimTread attracts attention without relation to one’s favorite CAD software,” says Shige Shiozawa,┬áSales Promotion Dept. Manager at A&A.

The seminar included a presentation by Mr. Yamanashi from NIKKEN SEKKEI Ltd., who is a pioneer of BIM in Japan. He introduced some case studies from his company illustrating the advantages of SimTread, and he explained that SimTread will provide a solution beyond BIM as it determines the shape of a crowd.

Takeshi Kimura from A&A also introduced some case studies from Japanese users, and he discussed a tsunami evacuation map created from the experience of the Japan earthquake in 2011.

Also, Mr. Yoshida from Takenaka Corporation and Mr. Sano from Waseda University gave a presentation on the co-development project of SimTread.

The SimTread plug-in is currently available in Japan and in the United States.

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