Benchmark Estimating Software offers plug-in for Vectorworks


Users of Vectorworks Landmark software will be pleased to know that a plug-in for Benchmark Estimating Software is now available. Founded in Australia in 1996, Benchmark Estimating Software is used globally by leading landscape firms to create accurate and professional estimates.

The plug-in offers a new menu item to the Vectorworks workspace that enables the user to attach a takeoff record to any object drawn in the Vectorworks program. Once the takeoff is complete, the user exports the Benchmark data to a file that can be imported into Benchmark. Within Benchmark, the user creates a new project and runs the Import from Vectorworks command to import the file created. Benchmark automatically generates the relevant sections for the specification and auto-allocates the items to the project and produces the estimate. The library contains further details on the items that will be required to build the elements of the design. Of course, the estimate can be edited, and margins adjusted to reduce the risk of the project.

 “For a design and landscaping firm, the scalability of the business is all about the number of projects that can be completed simultaneously. But itʼs not just about volume—itʼs also about making sure projects are manageable and profitable, particularly in todayʼs economy,” says Adrian Slatter, Sales Director at Design Software Solutions (one of our Vectorworks resellers in the UK). “One issue facing these firms is the need to re-enter all the information from the design software it has used into the estimating software it also uses. This takes time, costs money and can introduce errors,” he continues.

The Vectorworks plug-in is priced at £299 and is available to users of Benchmark only. For more information, please visit Design Software Solutions. For sales outside the UK, please contact the main Benchmark office in Australia.

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