ArchiWIZARD plug-in for Vectorworks now available


Designers in France can now produce accurate energy analysis calculations thanks to a new plug-in for Vectorworks software. Developed by French distributor CESYAM and designed to help users comply with a new thermal regulation, RT-2012, the free plug-in exports Vectorworks-created BIM models to ArchiWIZARD, which is a powerful software suite that lets designers evaluate the impact of their architectural choices on the energy performance of buildings (e.g., heat balance, lighting, solar energy production).

“Being able to quickly evaluate the energy performance of a building – as early as the initial drafting phases – helps to optimize this energy need and to design the best green buildings,” says Thierry Beurey, owner of CESYAM. “It was therefore essential to develop this plug-in.”

The ArchiWIZARD plug-in for the Vectorworks program is available for both Mac and Windows platforms and will be provided with every Vectorworks Architect license in France, starting with the third service pack for Vectorworks 2012 (available since April 2). Future plans include making the plug-in accessible outside France, so stay tuned for updates.

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