CAD Implementation Competition for APLD members


The 2011 Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) International Design Conference is this week (June 13-17) and we are excited to hold a CAD Implementation Competition for members of APLD. Even if you’re not attending the conference this year, you can participate online through our various social media pages. Two winners from the conference and one online participant will receive one of several exciting software prizes!

We will be hosting discussions on Facebook and LinkedIn over the next week regarding CAD implementation. Participants who contribute the most to the discussions will win a prize. If you’re currently using a CAD solution, we encourage you to discuss best practices–what made your implementation a success? If you’re thinking about moving from hand drawing to CAD, tell us why you haven’t made the leap–what are your concerns?

If you’re attending the APLD Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, stop by our booth to enter yourself as a show attendee contributor. You can even start your online discussion live from our booth.

VW2011_Land_left_boxThe top three contributors (two from the show and one online) will have their choice of one of these prizes:

A big thanks to Trex and Include for providing various software awards for the top participants.

All discussions will end on June 17th, and the winners will be selected at that time. We’ll post the results here on Planet Vectorworks.

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