Creneau International is the focus of new interior design case study


We are excited to announce that we recently published a case study featuring Creneau International, one of Belgium’s premier interior design agencies.  With the mission statement “ideas of the anti-ordinary,” this firm has taken Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia by storm with its innovative fair exhibits, offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, graphics, and retail outlets.


RBG Bar and Grill – one of Creneau’s projects

And, ever since the firm switched from manual drawing to CAD, the designers at Creneau have used Vectorworks software for their 2D and 3D drawings. “There’s no better software for an interior designer,” said Davy Grosemans, Senior Designer.  “Vectorworks is easy to use, and you can use it throughout the whole design process–from early sketch to very detailed drawings.”

To read more about Creneau’s fascinating, award-winning projects, please visit the case studies section of our website.

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