Vectorworkers rendezvous on a square farm in Belgium



Gerrit Vanoppen, Edwig Vandueren and Tom Pearce. Photo courtesy of Edwig Vandueren

It’s wonderful when our users have a chance to connect–especially when it can be arranged at a 17th century square farm in Belgium!

The host was Edwig Vandueren, an interior designer, who lives and works on the square farm with his father Frans (head of household and business) and two brothers. Tom Pearce, our Mid-Atlantic user group leader, and Gerrit Vanoppen, a longtime Vectorworks user who is now working for our Benelux distributor Design Express, were invited to join Edwig for a tour of the square farm, a traditional Belgian lunch, and a visit to their design studio.

“The ‘square farm’ interlude in our family vacation was just delightful — one of the high points of our trip,” said Tom Pearce. “It reconfirms my (somewhat biased) impression that Vectorworks users tend to be captivating folks, and the Vectorworks community is alive and vital. Coming at the start of our visit, the afternoon with Gerrit and the Vandueren family was a perfect introduction to the warmth of the Belgian people.”

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The residence and offices of V.D.F Ontwerpbureau are located on this square farm near Heers, Belgium.

The family interior design business of the Vanduerens and how it integrates into their broader life is an inspiration to all of us attempting to design for the built world.

Thanks Edwig for your hospitality. To view more pictures of Tom’s visit, please visit our Flickr page.

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