Vector Depot updates its website


Have you ever wondered where you could upload symbols, drawings, plug-ins or anything else that makes your work in Vectorworks more efficient? Well, such a place exists–Vector Depot–and its web pages have been recently revamped.

As Patrick B. McConnell explains,  “One of the big goals was to present the items for sale in the Vector Depot Market in a better light. Gone is the single page text listing that allowed access to the individual items, as I’ve replaced it with a page showing a sample of each item, and each sample links to the individual items for more information.”


Patrick started Vector Depot in 2001 by creating a single plug-in to draw concrete foundation walls in section. He wanted to share it with others but didn’t know how to publicize its availability. He decided to create the website, and within days donations started coming in. Now, there are over 250 free items to download.

As Vector Depot thrives on new content from its worldwide community of Vectorworks users, we encourage you to donate new items so that the content remains fresh and current.

Thanks Patrick for making your website more user friendly. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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