Vectorworks-designed temple wins prestigious architectural award in Japan



It’s not easy to blend traditional and modern design into a single project, but Mr. Ishibashi and Ms. Tokugawa of Ishibashi,Tokugawa & Associates, Architects have mastered the skill.

These long-time Vectorworks users have received the AACA award for their design of the “Jigenzan Jyoganji” temple in Nogoya, Japan.

Their innovative approach differed from traditional design by incorporating modern materials such as iron, steel, and glass. In addition, by adding an air-conditioning system and chairs, visitors are offered a comfortable alternative to sitting for long periods of time in the Japanese traditional farewell style (seiza).The flexibility of the space is also impressive, as the temple can be used for ceremonial functions, concerts, and meetings.

Congratulations to Mr. Ishibashi and Ms.Tokugawa for your accomplishment.  We look forward to many more of your innovative designs in the future!

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