GIS white paper for Vectorworks Landmark is now available


For those of you new to the concept, the Geographical Information System (GIS) is what site design professionals use to take several layers of information (environment, infrastructure, and cultural aspects) to help make better decisions on land planning.  GIS_cover2

NNA has recently published a technical white paper on processing geographical data with Vectorworks Landmark. This white paper offers specific GIS functionality as well as important steps for preparing and processing geographical data.

A special “Danke” goes out to authors Andreas Thierer from ComputerWorks (our Vectorworks distributor in Germany) and Joost Godts, who also provided the majority of the images and descriptions from his project involving a zoning plan with an integrated landscape plan for the Fremdingen Municipality (Donau-Ries administrative district, Bavaria).

To learn more, visit the GIS section of our website or download the white paper.

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